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The true symbol of Rajasthani culture can be witnessed while roaming in the Bazaars in Bikaner. The true essence of the state’s culture is reflected in the form of handicrafts that these street-side markets offer to the tourists. These bazaars are the perfect place to buy all the local articles of the Rajasthan state at a cost-effective rate. If you want to see the full range of local articles, the best time of visiting the Bikaner bazaar is during the time of annual Camel Festival. At this time, tourists will get opportunity to ride on camel the camel back and visit the desert stalls located at the far off locations. During this period, the real talent of local artisans will be witnessed in the forms of exclusive artifacts that are put on sale.

The forts, palaces and monuments of Bikaner leave the tourist awestruck and bazaars present the characteristic of the glorious past of the city. In the beautiful local artifacts, the local traditions can be found alive. All types of luxurious and decorative items are available in the Bazaars of Bikaner. But while buying in the Bikaner Bazaars, tourists need to rely on their bargaining skills to get the best price for their desired articles.

The most famous Bazaar of Bikaner is the Kote Gate Bazaar. This bazaar offers innumerable exotic things such as beautifully embroidered colorful garments, objects of entertainment and other artifacts. Most of these items are extraordinary, inspiring the tourists to buy them paying even a hefty amount.

Besides buying these durable items, tourists will love to shop for delicious Bikaneri Bhujias, papad and sweets. These bhujias and sweets are famous throughout India and are exported outside the country as well. So, while in Bikaner, buying these super quality eatables and taking back with them will be a delightful affair.

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